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Great Peoples Great Partners

Hatun Runa

Villages high in the
northern Andes of Peru
are far from the crowds of tourists
in Cuzco and Machu Picchu.

With limited health care, clean water, sanitation, electricity and educational resources, everyday life is challenging.  This is where we focus our efforts.

Where the road ends

Hatun Runa's

work begins

Supporting health & education in the
Peruvian Andes


The only hospital in the area needed basic medical supplies and equipment.

Major  Projects

New clinics

We help build remote mountain health posts & bring solar power for a vaccine refrigerator, lights, and radio contact.

Schools and libraries

Village schools now have books, teaching materials, paper and pencil...
... and happy kids!

Getting there

Small villages are accessible
only on foot, with supplies
packed in on horses and mules. 

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