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Solar Power for Remote Clinics

Lights, communcation, and vaccines

In the mountain villages surrounding our base town
of Leymebamba, intrepid health workers and nurses care for hundreds of people. Some of these villages have a small health post with a few supplies and medications. There is no light, running water, medical equipment or communication with the hospital in Leymebamba. Finding all of the children scattered throughout the mountains for regular vaccinations is next to impossible.  Poor vaccination rates, high risk pregnancies and deliveries, emergencies and infections create enormous challenges for the people trying to deliver care.


In 2010 we decided to design a solar power system that could be trekked into the mountains, provide electricity for lights and a dedicated radio for help with medical emergencies, and power a small medical refrigerator to preserve vaccines and medications. Ricky Lightfoot used his expertise in solar engineering to design a system that would be reliable, easy to maintain and provide adequate power despite months of cloud cover.


We have installed three solar systems in three remote villages. In 2015 we hiked 40 miles into the village of La Morada. As one of the only foreigners to ever visit this village, it was an incredible experience. Solar power has changed the delivery of care, provided medical support through communication with the hospital, and helped with vaccinations and other public health challenges.


In addition, we supported much needed improvements in the first clinic in Los Chilchos and helped get a health post built in the village of Atuen.





You can donate specifically to our solar power projects:

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