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Improved Education

Village Schools

Leymebamba is surrounded by14 remote villages deep in the mountains and highland jungles. Each village has a small school but virtually no resources, books, or teaching materials; only four walls, a mud floor, and a roof. Over the past nine years, along with Beyond Adventures Peru run by Dany Fernandez-Davila, we have brought in hundreds of books and educational materials to over ten schools. Bought in Lima, trucked 27 hours into Leymebamba, and packed onto horses brought into town by the village, we then hike together into the mountains to deliver the resources and work with the students and teachers. 


The whole village is involved and over the years we have built a foundation of educational resources for each school. Many times, the first time a child sees a story book or a teacher has something to teach with, is when they open those boxes.




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