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Key Projects

Improved healthcare

In 2008, the emergency room at the local hospital had a stack of gauze, some syringes, a handful of sutures, two bottles of rubbing
alcohol and a few vials of antibiotics.  
We collected medical supplies that filled
a shipping container...


Our first project focused on bringing books and teaching materials to remote mountain schools with Dany Fernandez-Davila, a local Massachusetts middle school teacher who was 
born in Peru.  Hatun Runa raised funds
and delivered hundreds of books ...


We were approached by Padre Diego, the priest of the local church who asked us to help build a library in an unfinished building in the center of town. His vision was to open the first library, one  that would be open to everyone

in the region.  In a team effort...

Solar Power

In 2010, we set out to design a solar power system that could be trekked into the mountains, provide electricity for lights and a radio for help with medical emergencies, and power

a small medical refrigerator to preserve

vaccines and medicine...

Sustainable Agriculture

We partner with ANIA, a well-known Peruvian nonprofit that teaches and empowers children to take care of the environment, protect the land, grow native, hardy crops,
and think about health and nutrition. We
support the training of teachers ...  

Remote Clinics

In mountain villages, intrepid health workers and nurses care for hundreds of people.  Some villages have a small health post with minimal supplies and a few medications.
Low vaccination rates, emergencies,
high risk pregnancies and deliveries ...

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