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Sally Ourieff is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Medical School.  She interned in pediatrics at Boston Children's Hospital and completed her residency in child and adult psychiatry.  She has worked as a clinician in private practice, as well as held numerous hospital and leadership positions. She is currently the founder and CEO of Translational Consulting, and works with physician leaders and executives as a consultant, advisor, and coach. She is a Visiting Scholar at Brandeis University and is on the board of Communities2Care and the EDI Institute   She is married, has three children, two dogs, and lives in the Boston area.

Leslie Moloney is a graduate of Rutgers University and also holds a paralegal degree from Northeastern University.  She is studying to get her masters in Anthropology at Harvard University Extension School. She has studied with Dr. Gary Urton, an expert in Andean and Inka culture and a member of our Board.  Her area of study is in the history of the Chachapoya culture of Peru (800 - 1470 AD). Her interest in Latin America began when she was an exchange student in Brazil and she is fluent in Portuguese. She first went to Peru in 2005 to hike the Inca Trail and has returned every summer since.  Leslie is married with three children, holds a second degree black belt in Taekwondo, and teaches women’s and children’s self defense.  She lives with her family west of Boston.


Ricky Lightfoot PhD

Ricky Lightfoot was the founder, President and CEO of Crow Canyon Archeological Center for over eleven years. He is currently a scholar at the center and on the Board of Trustees. Crow Canyon supports academic research, educational programs, and travel opportunities focused on the history and cultures of Native American Indians. Ricky is also a solar engineer and designs and guides the installation of our solar panels on remote health posts.

Dany Fernandez-Davila

Dany introduced us to Amazonas, Peru. Born and raised in Lima, Peru Daniel is a graduate of Catholic University in Lima and University of Leicester in England. He is an archeologist who has taught at Catholic University and done extensive field research throughout Peru. In addition, he has served as a guide and consultant to several documentary films including Travel Channel’s “Places of Mystery: Nazca Civilization,” the Discovery Channel’s “The Living Pulse” and “Bone Detectives” and others for BBC and South African BC. His current area of research is in the Chachapoya settlements in the Northeast Andes where he is mapping and surveying previously unexplored sites. He is currently a middle school social studies teacher in the Greater Boston Area. In 2009, he founded Beyond Adventures Peru, a company that provides trips for students and adults to Peru to build a bridge between cultures and peoples. His groups bring books and teaching materials to village schools and they have dramatically increased the resources of multiple schools in the region.

Keith Muscatt

Currently Chief Operating Officer of Recombinant Inc., a music technology company, Keith Muscutt is an academic, photographer, explorer, writer, and former Assistant Dean of Arts at University of California Santa Cruz. He is the author/photographer of an illustrated book about the Chachapoya, "Warriors of the Clouds: A Lost Civilization of the Upper Amazon of Peru." His expeditions to find, study, and conserve ancient Chachapoya remains were the subject of a two-hour History Channel documentary "Cliff Mummies of the Andes." He was the first to document many archaeological sites throughout this region. He was a member of the official reconnaissance expedition that recorded the looted Chachapoya-Inca burial sites at the Lake of the Condors, fifteen miles from Leymebamba. Founder of an NGO, Fundacíon Benéfica Niños Pobres de Chuquibamba, he is a member of the Institute for Andean Studies, and a Research Associate of the Museum of Man in San Diego. 

Gary Urton PhD

Gary Urton is the Dumbarton Oaks Professor of Pre-Columbian Studies in the Archaeology program of the Department of Anthropology, Harvard University.  His research focuses on a variety of topics in pre-Hispanic and early colonial intellectual history in the Andes drawing on materials and methods in archaeology, ethnohistory, and ethnology. He is the author of numerous articles and books on Andean/Quechua cultures and Inka civilization, including At the Crossroads of the Earth and the Sky (1981), The History of a Myth (1990), The Social Life of Numbers (1997), Inca Myths (1999), Signs of the Inka Khipu (2003), and The Khipus of Laguna de los Cóndores (2008).  He is the Founder/Director of the Khipu Database Project at Harvard University.

Kim Wilson MD

Kim is a graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Medical School where she also obtained her Masters in Public Health. Her area of interest is providing quality health care to minority, impoverished, and immigrant populations. In addition, she has extensive experience building health care systems in developing countries, primarily the Dominican Republic. She is currently the Associate Director of the International Pediatric Center at Children’s Hospital in Boston. For many years, she was the Clinical Director of Pediatrics of the Martha Elliot Health Center, a clinic that provides health services in the inner city of Boston. Kim is considered one of the regions leading experts in global maternal and child health..

Mari-Kim Bunnell MD

Mari-Kim Bunnell is an ObGyn at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and a physician with New England OBGYN Associates in Brookline, MA. She is a graduate of University of Connecticut Medical School and completed her residency at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School. Mari-Kim has been involved in international medicine for many years. Fluent in Spanish, she led a project for six years in Chimbote, Peru developing a maternity hospital in an extremely resource poor region of the Peruvian coastal desert. She has also worked as a consultant to Infante Sano helping to guide their work in the Dominican Republic. She was awarded the Physician International Health Initiative Award in 2005 from Harvard Medical School.

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